12 Best Cat Breeds In INDIA (The Ultimate Guide)

Thinking of adopting a pet cat? Let me help you with this. Cats are curious, friendly, playful, and intelligent companions that can easily fit into every home and everyone’s heart. Here is the ultimate list of the 12 Best Cat Breeds in India.

The cats are preferred over dogs because:

  • The cats do not have a smell.
  • They take care of cleanliness by themself
  • They require low maintenance (unlike dogs).

The age of a cat depends on the breed, some can even live up to 20 years. Therefore they become close as a family member. Here we are describing the 12 best cat breeds with pro tips. Let’s start with popular ones…

Breed 1: Bombay cat (also Mumbai cat)

bombay cat is one of the best choice to keep as a pet in india.

The Bombay cat is a short-haired breed of domestic cats, closely related to the Burmese. They look quite similar to the black panther’s miniature version. The cat has a muscular body and a calm demeanor.

Eyes color- golden

Hair color – black

black color cat looks like black panther is considered as a best cat for indian environment.


This cat breed is friendly. They love to play and learn new tricks quickly. The cat adjusts well according to the lifestyle and environment. The typical black color makes them popular, therefore a preferred choice to keep them as a pet in India.

Pro tip: 

The cat has an awesome personality and fan following. Because of the distinct looks, this cat breed is popular on social media too. If you want to show off, or improve your social profile you should consider petting this cat.

Breed 2. Himalayan cat (also colorpoint Persian)

himalayan cat for indian families

Himalayan cats are long-haired cats similar in type to the Persian, except for their blue eyes and their point coloration. They generally have a white body but can also be seen in brown, cream, and red. The cat has fluffy hairs which comfort the owner oftentimes.

Eyes color- blue

Hair color- white, brown, cream

himalayan cat with blue eyes


This is considered a good choice for the home environment. They have a loyal and loving nature. The cat likes to cuddle and spends time with its owners. Despite not being athletic, they go well with children. 

Pro tip:

if you want a cat that loves to spend time with you, the Himalayan cat can be the best choice. Although you have to take care of grooming seriously, I am sure you will enjoy the activity too. This cat is also ideal for old people because of its nature.

Breed 3: Persian cat (also called Persian Longhair and Iranian.)

A long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle. This is one of the Best Cat Breeds In INDIA. The Persian cat breed is usually spotted in Hollywood films and everybody adores them. They have large twinkling eyes and long hair. That’s why they need regular grooming.

Eyes color- blue or copper

coat color- black, cream, cameo (red), smoke


Known as the glamor puss of the cat world, known for being quiet and sweet. Persian cats can be playful when they feel like it, but they are famous for spreading out in a comfortable place and refusing to move. That means you may have to deal with some ego issues here. Sometimes they long for attention and can act a little fussy.

Pro tip:

Persian cats are good for Indian families, who do not want cats to indulge too much in their affairs. But you still have to keep track of grooming intervals.

persian cat as a best cat breed in india, loved by many people

Breed 4: Maine coon

maine coon as a perfect indian pet breed.

It is one of the oldest natural breeds of North America. The Maine coon cat has a large muscular frame (plus-size cat), which is considered to be rectangular. They also have a long tail covered in thick, long fur. Due to its distinct appearance, it is also considered a good cat breeds in India.

Eyes color: Gold and/or green eyes 

Coat color: solid color, smoke, bi-colored or tabby (many combinations)

maine coon with adorable hide and coat color.


Maine coon cat breed is the perfect cat breed to be adopted in India. They are friendly, outgoing, and well-behaved. They like the company of humans and tend to play with children also.

Pro tip: 

This is suitable for Indian culture where bonds between the pets are highly appreciated. They are also admired by people for having an elegant body coats.

Breed 5: The American Bobtail 

american bobtail for india

As the name indicates the American bobtail breed of cat is famous for its characteristic bobtail. Its length is one-third of its body length. They are fluffy with shiny coats and long hair. This breed comes in many colors and shades. Personally, I like them so much. They are considered intelligent and loving cats.

  • Eyes color: copper, gold, yellow or green; blue in bi-color/van, colorpoint, lynx point, or odd-eyed white cats (told you so many variations!)
  • Coat color: all colors and patterns (❤)


These are slow-maturing cats (2-3 years). They are easily leash trained and love to go for walks with their people. They are known as easy-going breeds because they get along well with most dogs and welcome newcomers. 

american bobtail cat for indian family.

Pro tips:

This cat breed is also a good choice for adoption/purchasing in India. The breed is friendly and behaves nicely with other pets. If you are a pet lover and keep many pets, you should go for this breed.

Breed 6: Spotted cat

spotted cat having wild nature and decent personality

This spotted cat breed can be easily adjusted according to the Indian climate. The breed is native to India and Srilanka. The breed carries grey spots and their tail is darker than the body. They have a wild nature.

  • Eyes color: no differentiating color (copper, gold, and/or green eyes)
  • Coat color: grey and black spots on the body.
wild spotted cats for indian home and open environment.


They are shy and affectionate cats, because of their wild nature they prefer to be alone. They avoid humans sometimes and go out for a hunting mission by themself.

Pro tip:

spotted cats are amusing to observe as they sometimes show weird behavior. This cat breed is ideal for people living in remote areas or open environments in India.

Breed 6: Siamese cat (also Old-style Siamese, Applehead)

adorable siamase cat with blue eyes for childeren

If you prefer an all-day companion, the siamese cat breed is ideal. This cat breed will do well in Indian apartments. The breed is so loved by people that it is the most commonly found cat breed in south Asia. They have amazing light-colored and outstanding colour points in lilac, seal, blue, chocolate.

  • Eyes color: blue eyes color (varying shades of intensity.)
  • Coat color: lilac, seal, blue, chocolate.


They are popularly called extrovert cats, as they are active and playful. They persistently demand attention and bond well with people.

siamase cat standing and consider as distinct cat breed in india.

Pro tips:

This cat breed is a great choice for nuclear families living in India. They sometimes produce a loud, low-pitched sound(meezer), which irritates few people.

Still can’t decide which cat is best for your home? 

Don’t worry, we have many more loving cats for you. But before you go any further let me tell you the importance of choosing the right cat for your house.

Why is it important to select the right cat for your house?

Cats have different behaviors and preferences, if you chose the wrong breed you may have to face a lot of troubles:

  • Some cats have an innate desire to remain with other persons and cats, if they don’t get the right environment they suffer from depression and separation anxiety.
  • If you choose a wild personality cat for your apartment, this can cause unnatural cat behavior.
  • If you live in a cold environment, you should prefer cats with long hair and fur.

I think you get the idea of what I am trying to say, choosing the right cat breed in India not only makes the quality of life better, it will also reduce unnecessary vet visits

Now, let’s move to our next breed…

Breed 8: Native Indian Breed (Indian billi)

Indian Billi adapt indian climate well

You surely have heard the word billi, it is commonly used for cats in India. But this is usually referred to as the native Indian cat breed. These are the best cats to have in India. The cats are well suited for the Indian climate and are very resistant to certain diseases. They can adjust themself according to the environment and require less attention.

  • Eyes color: greyish with a range of other colors
  • Coat color: smoke, bi-colored, or tabby (many combinations)


They are affectionate, gentle and friendly by nature. They can be easily spotted in India. You can adopt them from your neighborhood. They are playful and independent and they do not demand much attention. 


They are one of the breeds that take care of grooming by themself

If you are troubled by the thought of shedding hairs by a cat, don’t!. Because Indian billi do not shed a lot of hair as they have a short hair coat. 

Breed 9: Ragdoll Cat (“dog-like cats” or “puppy-like cats”)

Rag doll cat in indian homes

People recommend the ragdoll cat breed, as one of the best choices for apartments in India. The breed is calm and extremely relaxed and causes little or no trouble to the owners. They are larger and heavier cats but Their behavior is like a small puppy. 

Eyes color: Blue eyes
Coat color: tri-color or bi-color cat. (often dark tail)


They show less aggression towards other pets. Ragdoll cats have a bold personality and they do not know what fear is. They go well with children.

Pro tip: 

This cat is very suitable for the apartment lifestyle. Although it has a quiet personality, it likes company.  They do well with older people as well as other cats.

Breed 10: British Shorthair

British shorthair is one of the most ancient cat breeds known. It has a dense coat and broad face. The  Shorthair can be characterized by having pointy triangle ears. They are also a slow-maturing breed, reaching maturity at the age of 3 years. 

  • Eyes color: orange and copper eyes
  • Coat color: Black, blue, white, red, cream, silver, golden.
british short hair cat is a best pet cat.


The British shorthair breed is not very active. The cat has a sweet nature and is devoted to the owner. If you have children you can consider petting this cat. They remain quiet most of the time and don’t make a mess when owners are not around

Pro tips:

This cat breed will be a good choice for people in the apartment who don’t want the cat to indulge too much. If you need a cat for a companionship purpose this one is the best choice for you. 

Breed 11: American Curl Cats (also called Peter Pan).

Adorable american curl cats.

The American curl cat breed is known for its unusual ears. American Curls have soft, silky coats which lie flat against their bodies. The cat requires little grooming and enjoys spending time with its owners.

  • Eyes color: Amber, Aqua, Blue, Copper, Green, Gold, Hazel, Odd-eyed, Orange, Yellow
  • Coat color: White, Blue, Black, Red, Cream, Chocolate, Lilac, Silver, Golden


American curl is a lively cat. the cat is very interested in people and gets along well with her parents. They are usually not considered lap cats, but they love to sit next to the owner.

Pro tip:

They have some peculiar features, which became the center of attraction. People love to talk about this breed and its unique features. If you belong to a rich family where fame and looks matter, this can be the best choice. 

Breed 12: Toyger 

toyger cat breed in india

Toygers are active, highly intelligent and easy to train cats. They are considered lap cats which gives you a lot of affection in return. They look like tigers because the black stripes resemble a tiger’s hide pattern. their body is muscular and athletic, especially at a young age. 

  • Eyes color: dark brown or hazel hue. 
  • Coat color: deep orange or tan fur with black vertical stripes.


Toygers are laid back, outgoing, friendly to all cats, also they can get along well with other cats, even dogs, and children. They are intelligent and easy to train.

Pro tips: 

This cat will be suitable for an open environment. If you want an outdoor playing companion for you or your children, this will be a good choice. 

finally! we have provided you the ultimate list of cat breeds in India, which are commonly and preferably petted in India. Although you can purchase these breeds from various sources, we recommend you “adopt”.

Adoption is the ultimate form of love and gratitude.

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