A professional guide for Apple Head Chihuahua (2021)

What Is an Apple Head Chihuahua?

What Is an Apple Head Chihuahua?
Breed character: Well-rounded, apple-domed skull

Among the Chihuahua variety, apple-headed Chihuahuas deserve a special place. What is the reason for this? In terms of beauty, an apple head Chihuahua is a breed’s pinnacle. Therefore, it conforms to breed standards and reflects what one should expect to see when thinking of a Chihuahua. It is, therefore, the breed poster child for the Chihuahua.

Apple heads are a distinguishing physical characteristic of the breed. American Kennel Club standards specify that the Chihuahua should have a “well-rounded, apple-domed skull, either with or without a molera.”

Moleras are sunken areas on the top of the dog’s head that appear at birth. It acts somewhat like a “fontanelle” on an infant’s head, which is a soft spot found in many babies.

Chihuahua’s heads are highly curved because of their sunken area as if their heads were shaped like the top of a cooking apple. Additionally, the dog’s head is also compared to fruit because the dome of the skull is much wider than its jaw.

When looking at a Chihuahua’s profile, the breed’s head is described as having a typical “stop” at almost a 90-degree angle. Stop is a term used to describe the angle that runs from the forehead to the muzzle, which is more prominent in certain breeds.

Chihuahuas with Apple Heads vs. Deer Heads

Chihuahuas with a standard head shape, such as those with an apple head, are known as apple heads. What are other shapes of Chihuahuas called? Let me introduce you to the deer head Chihuahua. Due to their fawn coat, they resemble little deer, hence their name.

The shape of the head

Deer heads have longer noses and narrower muzzles than apple heads, which have a moderately short muzzle. If you view the deer head from the side, it has more of a slope than a 90-degree angle. As a result, the deer’s head has an appealing “foxy” expression.

comparision: apple_head_chihuahua_vs_deer_head

Weight and Size

There may also be differences in general size and appearance. Generally, apple heads have shorter legs, and deer heads have long legs, and thus, broader bodies. Weight is also different, with deer heads generally weighing more.


Despite not adhering to the breed standard, the deer head has many advantages due to its dome-shaped head. For instance, Deerhead Chihuahuas are less prone to dental issues or breathing problems. Also, they endure easier deliveries.

The apple head Chihuahua’s big skull is more difficult to fit through the birth canal, so C-sections are often required.


deer_head_vs_apple_head_chihuahua popularity trends.
IMG: deer_head_vs_apple_head_chihuahua

From the 1950s to the 1960s, deer head Chihuahuas found large popularity for their long muzzles, large ears, and wide set eyes. After the Chihuahua Club of America came up with a list of desirable traits in the breed, they quickly fell out of favor.

Among these traits were rounded heads, smaller ears, and larger eyes. Despite its deerhead, this Chihuahua still remains a Chihuahua regardless of its lack of conformity to breed standard.

Despite not winning in the show ring, these puppies are just as adorable. In fact, many Chi lovers find the deer head to be more appealing. Consider that Gidget, the famous Taco Bell mascot, was a deer-headed Chihuahua! No matter what shape their heads are, Chihuahuas can make wonderful companions, and a deer head can be just as valuable.


Beware of that attitude! Among the sassiest dogs, the apple head chihuahua deserves special mention. It is loyal and will pick its favorite human to call their own. If not trained properly, they can become too big for their boots.

Although they’re wonderful pets, they can be jealous of either cats or other dog breeds, so they aren’t suitable for families with kids or other canine members.

Quirks and Personality

Chihuahuas have cute, courageous and confident personalities. Their adorableness is well known. In general, chihuahua males reach 7 inches tall and weigh 4 lbs at 18 months old, while chihuahua females are usually very slightly smaller.

Quirks and Personality

Here are 5 Apple Head Chihuahua facts you should know!

  1. The apple dome skull head shape is literally like an apple, with a soft spot that dips in at the top called a molera.
  2. Although apple head shapes are cute, their small necks and tiny mouths can cause jaw and tracheal problems. If you don’t want to strain their itty bitty throats, use a harness rather than a leash.
  3. When it comes to dogs of a different breed, Chihuahuas do not get along. But a handful of chihuahuas can be a lot to handle!
  4. According to the kennel club breed standard, chihuahuas must have apple heads instead of deer heads to compete – however, any coat color (longhaired or smooth coat) and tiny teacup size are acceptable.
  5. In terms of size and cuteness, Chihuahua and Morkie puppies (cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie) are similar, but they have different temperaments – they’re relaxed around other animals and won’t be jealous.
    There are some great alternatives to the apple head chihuahua if it isn’t the right breed for you!

Do Apple Head Chihuahuas cost a lot?

You may wonder how much it costs to open your heart and home to an apple head. A trustworthy breeder won’t raise the prices on apple heads since they are merely Chihuahuas that have been bred to standard.

Prices usually fall within the $300-800 range.

A less ethical breeder, on the other hand, often inflates their prices by making the buyer think they are buying something rare. Fortunately, apple heads are easy to come by; they are simply bred to meet a standard.

What is the average price for this dog?

Prices usually fall within the $300-800 range. However, the price of a dog with the championship on its line may be considerably greater (more than $1,500). check price

Buying from a breeder who sells at a premium price without providing reasonable details and documentation of the breed’s lineage is a major red flag. It indicates that the breeder is unethical.

Raising this chihuahua dog: 3 tips

apple head chihuahua
3 parenting tips
  1. Make your chihuahua aware of who’s in charge! You should be firm but fair, as they can be very demanding.
  2. Make sure you have all the right equipment to travel with your chihuahua – a harness rather than a leash, a travel case with plastic sides rather than wire that can damage their tiny teeth, and grooming brushes for their coats are all necessary!
  3. Even though they can make loud noises on their own, they generally dislike noisy living spaces. Although they appear tough, they are soft on the inside!

Exercise requirements!

About six miles of walking a week is required for a fully grown chihuahua. If you break it down, you can reach this goal by walking just two twenty-minute walks a day.

You should keep in mind that, despite moving their legs so fast, chihuahuas walk very slowly compared to humans. Don’t drag him along the sidewalk, just stroll at a relaxed pace. see our excercise guide.

Happy pet parenting!

This was the complete guide on the chihuahua breeds. If you like the content, tell us in the comments. Also give your personal opinions about the breeds.

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