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The best way of learning to perform an operation is to assist or watch an expert. Therefore any book on operative surgery must emphasize the visual aspects. This book is one of the best book for veterinary students. it is also serve important book for those engaged in general practice.

Atlas Of Veterinary Surgery Book Pdf By JOHN Hickman

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about the book:

In this book author attempted to illustrate by line drawings and diagrams most of the standard surgical procedures employed in veterinary surgery. They tried to describe each operation stage by stage with drawings, and have only used captions and text for clarification.

as we all know “No two surgeons perform an operation in exactly the same way”. That’s why books concentrated on the
standard techniques that have stood the test of time and have illustrated those methods which author, through experience, have come to prefer.

To prevent unnecessary repetition care has been taken not to over- illustrate or to duplicate simple procedures. Some operations are
difficult to illustrate satisfactorily with drawings and in these cases diagrams have been introduced. At the same time special attention has
been given to the accuracy of anatomical relationships, although only the important blood vessels and nerves have been included.

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the publication of the first edition there have been many changes in operative surgery. Fundamental changes have occurred such as the development of synthetic absorbable suture materials and the refine­ment of anaesthetic techniques. Improved understanding of tissue healing has lead to new suture patterns being adopted and the develop­ment of new instruments, such as staple guns and arthroscopes, has changed many procedures, particularly in equine surgery.

Best veterinary book for students interested in learning professional techniques and procedures

It would be impossible to include all of these in one volume and maintain the original concept of the Atlas. Thus we have attempted to concentrate on the basic surgical procedures and make no apology for omitting others. A bibliography is provided from which readers can obtain information about those not included here.

The original format is largely unchanged although many new figures have been included and new procedures added. Section IO has been considerably revised in view of the now widespread application of the AO/ ASIF principles of fracture repair. The terminology has been changed to conform with that used in Anatomica Veterinaria, although to maintain the style of the first edition some terms in common usage have been retained.

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