Should I let my dog sleep in my bed? pros and cons

sleeping with your dog-pros and cons

Co-sleeping with your dog is an intriguing and sometimes controversial topic and dog owners often grapple with the decision of wondering whether they should allow their dog to sleep in bed with them.

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as a yes or a no.

Is it good to let your dog sleep with you?

dog sleeping

This depends completely on what you are okay with and what you allow your dog to do. It truly is a personal choice with no right or wrong answer.

It is not weird to allow your pet access to your bed. It’s perfectly fine too if you do not want to make this choice.

Pros of sharing a bed with your dog-

pros of sleeping with your dog
  • There is scientific evidence to suggest that sharing your life with a pet increases your years. Sleeping with your dog might even improve your health.
  • It can increase your well-being and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression and provide a sense of safety and security.
  • Dogs are also perfect bed warmers providing extra body warmth and keeping you warm on a cold night.
  • A dog’s presence in bed can even ease insomnia and improve sleep quality.
  • Sleeping with your dog can diminish the frequency and intensity of nightmares and increase comfort.
  • Sleeping in together impacts your relationship with your dog and strengthens your bond with your dog.
  • There is simply no better feeling than your dog greeting you by wagging its tail in delight.

Things to do before letting your dog in your bed-

things to do before

In order to make sleeping in the same bed with your dog pleasant, you need to establish certain ground rules.

  • First, make sure your dog is clean. Your dog should be well-groomed and its nails should be clipped and smooth. This will prevent any dirt into your bed and also prevent the dog from scratching you.
  • Next, ticks and fleas can transfer from your dog to your bed. Make sure to follow a prevention protocol. Staying on top of pest control will help you both sleep better.
  • Finally, train your dog to stay at one end of the bed and not pluck your hair out or lick your face while asleep.

Teaching your dog not to do these things will surely make co-sleeping with your dog way easy.

Cons and complications-

cons of sleeping with dogs
  • Health risks
    • One of the concerns is the transmission of diseases from both the dog to the human and vice versa. Dogs can carry and transmit germs and parasites in their saliva and feces. Parasites like roundworms and hookworms are contagious to humans and young children or people with immune conditions are especially concerning.
    • It is also possible that those with allergies may find their symptoms aggravated by a dog in bed due to increased dander exposure.
    • Fleas and ticks can be picked up by your dog and brought into your bed.
  • Safety risks-
    • There’s a danger factor especially if you have young children. Even the most good-natured dog can snap in self-defense when startled.
  • Loss of sleep quality-
    • Co-sleeping with your dog presents a problem for light sleepers. They are awakened when their dog rolls over, kicks or scratches.
    • Some dogs snore too loudly and that can annoy the person sleeping with them. Lack of sleep can make you grumpy and impact the immune system.
  • Size matters-
    • What if your dog is half the size of your bed? If that is the case, co-sleeping might not be the best option. Fighting a big dog for some space every night will disturb your sleep.
  • Bathroom issues-
    • As much as you love your pet, you’re only going to wake up frustrated if your bed is wet or dirty with poop.
  • Weather-
    • If you live in a hot area with humid weather, sleeping with your dog might result in disrupted and sweaty sleep.

Key points-

sleeping with dogs
  • Strengthen and evaluate your relationship with your dog.
  • Train your dog to wait for permission to sleep where it is supposed to.
  • Consistency is the key so stick to the decision you feel is right for you both.
  • Make sure your dog is clean, well-groomed, and well-trained.
  • Carefully consider the logistics like bed size, dog size, temperature, allergies, and weather.

                   Good luck for the co-sleeping! 😊

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