We all know that dogs have a shorter life span compared to human beings. Being a pet parent, it is heartbreaking to witness your dog dying. Death is certain, we can’t help with it but knowing about it a bit earlier will help you to be prepared for the loss. Also, you will be able to comfort your dog in his last days and he will be able to pass this period with a bit of ease.

So here is our new blog in which we have mentioned a few signs that will indicate your dog is going to die soon. Hope you find it helpful.

Behavioral changes

Behavioral changes are the first signal of dying dog

Behavioral changes are the first signal of something bad going to happen. Changes in behavior depends on how your dog used to behave before. For example, if your dog is usually active and wakes up almost the whole day but suddenly becomes lethargic and keeps sleeping the whole day or he is not showing interest in the activities like playing with you or waiting at the door for you to return from work, as it used to do before. He will be stressed. His eyes will be dull and lose all the spark. If you know your dog well it will not take you much time to know that there is something wrong with your dog.

Loss in appetite

loss of appetite in dog

At the later stages of life, your dog will lose interest in eating. It will lose the desire to eat its favorite food also. He will no longer become excited after seeing his favorite food. He will lose the strength to finish the meal at once. There will be a gradual decrease in appetite, which is an indication that your dog is dying soon.

Difficulty in moving

sick dog

Dogs lose energy when they are dying. They will struggle while moving for a small distance or hesitate to walk up and down the stairs. They just want to lie down at a place without showing any activity. With the growing age, pets acquire arthritis that progresses with time, making it difficult for your dog even to walk a few steps. To make it easier for them you can keep all their toys, food, water, etc in one place so that they don’t have to walk much.

Mental disorientation

aggressive dog

A dying dog often becomes lethargic and does not respond to the things as it used to do before. Sometimes it stops responding to you calling his name and may also lose sense. It becomes very difficult for the owner to handle their dog at this period, but you need to be patient and try spending more time with your dying dog.

Pain and discomfort

sick dog

Due to aging, your dog might develop several health issues which result in severe pain and discomfort. Their body becomes weak and clumsy. They will not be able to stand for longer and lose strength to perform any exercise. They will express their pain either by licking painful parts, being restless or by crying out loud. Remember it is the most difficult time for your dog always be nice and patient to him and never leave him alone during this time

If you observe their condition is worsening, take them to the veterinarian, he may give him some pain killer injection which will bring him a bit of comfort. Regular vet visits are a must for your dog at this time

Digestive disorders

vomiting in dogs

With aging the digestive system weakens and thus your dog may find it difficult to digest the food properly. They will start vomiting whatever they eat or may acquire diarrhea. They will gradually stop eating food. They may develop bloody stools or vomit at later stages, which indicates that your dog will die soon. At this time try to feed them light food which is easy to digest. Avoid giving chicken or any other food that is difficult to digest.


constipation in dogs

Your dog will find it difficult to urinate and defecate at the later stage of its life. It becomes extremely painful for them to pass stools. Because of it they become weak and feel so much pain and discomfort in the abdomen. At this time do not feed them something hard to digest. Give them a bland diet and try to keep them hydrated. Try to spend as much time as possible. It will comfort them a bit.

Difficulty in breathing

dog respiratory problem

With aging lungs become weak and several respiratory disorders may progress, which will cause extreme difficulty in breathing. Your dog will keep panting all the time with its mouth open the whole day. It may develop a cough and pass blood in the mucus. It becomes very difficult for it to breathe.

Convulsions and spasm

elderly dog

With progressing age, the nervous system of your dog will start failing. It results in frequent convulsions and spasms of the muscle. It may happen that with convulsions your dog dies. So, whenever you observe it for the first time, immediately rush to the veterinarian. Certain medicines may help decrease the duration of convulsions and help to relax the muscles.

Minimal response to medication

dog not responding to medication

Usually, it happens that a diseased dog gets back to normal after proper medication and treatment. But a dying dog, even after proper medication and treatment will not show any signs of improvement and its condition will remain as it is or may worsen. It will isolate itself and keep lying in a single place without even interacting with you. This is the sign that will indicate that now is the time for your dog to leave the world.

helping a dying dog

Although we cannot reverse the situation. But being prepared for it beforehand will help you bear the loss and you will be able to take care of your dog nicely in his last days. Try to give as much time as you can. Try to play with him, console him and make him feel that you are always there for him. It will help your dog to suffer less and leave the world peacefully.


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