Is your home a mess due to dog hair? Here’s how to manage shedding like a pro

Home is where dog hair sticks to everything but the dog making it messier than ever. Dog hair can stick to everything from your bed to the kitchen which can wreak havoc on your house. It can be a task to get rid of unwanted dog hair unless you know how to manage the shedding and keep your home clean.

Is shedding normal? Or is your dog shedding too much?


Shedding is perfectly normal and healthy for dogs. It helps them get rid of old skin and fur clearing the way for new healthier skin and fur. The amount of hair that your dog sheds depend on several factors – coat type, breed, weather, health, age, etc. 

However, if you notice your dog shedding more than usual, consult your vet. Excessive hair shedding can be a sign of illness.

How to reduce shedding?

While shedding is a natural phenomenon and cannot be stopped, there are certain ways to reduce the tumbleweeds of hair that appear out of nowhere.

Healthy diet – 


A healthy, nutritive, and well-balanced diet goes a long way towards keeping shedding at an acceptable level. The quality of food that your dog eats reflects the quality of its coat.

  • Adequate amounts of high-quality protein and fat, particularly essential fatty acids like Omega-3 can do wonders in reducing shedding. It helps soothe skin inflammation, decrease dandruff, and improves the overall shine and luster of the coat thus reducing shedding.
  • Adding molasses and moisture-rich food to the diet can also reduce hair fall.

However, it is always advised to consult a vet to know what to feed your dog.

Grooming – 

The most effective method to combat shedding is to bathe your dog regularly and remove its hair with regular brushing and combing.

Regular bath – 

Bathing your dog regularly with a gentle dog shampoo helps you remove excess fur and flush it away. Bathing at home can be fun, but a skin condition can occur if the dog is not rinsed properly.  Therefore, a professional groomer at least once a month is advisable to keep shedding at a minimum and avoid a home mess.

Regular brushing – 

This helps pet parents keep their homes tidy and makes your dog’s coat cleaner, softer, and less likely to shed. Brushing regularly can also get rid of matted fur and stimulate circulation.                                       

Dogs with short hair should be brushed once or twice a week while medium or long-haired dogs might need to be groomed more frequently.

       ‘While brushing, make sure you’re doing it outdoors.’

Common ways to deal with fur shedding in the house:


Here are some ways to keep your sanity while sucking the hair out of your house –

  • Vacuum it- Vacuuming is one of the best weapons in the fight against dog hair. Vacuum as frequently as you can like there’s no tomorrow to remove most of the hair in your house.
  • Use a lint roller- Despite all your hair-removing efforts, there will still be some tenacious and unwaveringly persistent strands of hair that will find their way on your couch or your blanket right under your nose. Instead of spending hours trying to pull out that pesky hair, all you need is a lint roller which will be excellent in doing so without compromising with your precious fabric.
  • Use furniture covers- Keeping your furniture and bedding covered with a throw or a washable sheet is always a good idea as this will keep the furniture looking and smelling better and also prevent fur fallout.
  • Damp mopping- Damp mop seems to work best for removing fur from tile floors keeping your floors sparkling just like your pooch’s eyes.
  • Rubber gloves/ de-shedding mittens These are to detangle excess hair from your dog and the furniture as well.

Owning a furball, it is practically impossible in the house to manage and remove every single strand of hair. However, these tips can help you eliminate most of the hair from your house. 

                          After all, life isn’t perfect but your dog is!


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