know about huskies & the great story of Togo

The huskies are beautiful medium-sized, thickly furred double-coated with erected triangular ears, wolf-like appearing breeds of dogs but the breed does not belong to the wolf family but they have wolves as their ancestors like other dogs. Siberian husky belongs to the Spitz family genetically. Huskies were originally bred by the Chukchi people of Northeastern Asia 3,000 years ago. Their blue & multi-colored eyes and striking facial masks only add to the appeal of this breed, which originated in Siberia.

general body features

Life span: 12-15 years Height: Female= 50-56cm, Male= 54-60cm

Weight: Female= 16-23kg(adult), Male= 20-27kg(adult) Other name: Chukcha

qualities & characters

Born Runner

Huskies are very energetic, inborn runners and have very high endurance. Run until the body doesn’t get overheated. They can run with the speed of 25-30miles/hour & can run up to 150miles in a day with an average speed of 9-10miles/hour of speed. This definitely shows their phenomenal stamina.

do Huskies need lot of exercise?

Huskies are very active dogs & need more than 2 hour of exercise daily.

Born with Pull & drag capabilities

Huskies are Supermans among dogs. They have a great strength of pulling. A Single husky alone can pull the weight of half of an average-sized man up to a considerable distance that’s why they used from years to pull the sled over snow in Siberia, Alaska & North America.

How many Huskies you required to pull a sledge with human?

4-5 huskies can easily pull it. but the number increase according to the weight of sled & human.

eye color

Huskies are born with blue eyes which is a dominant trait in the breed. It is due to the genetic mutation near a particular gene that decreases pigment production in the eyes. And after the age of 7-8 weeks their eye color starts changing, sometimes become bi-colored eyes (Blue, Brown & Green).

is there are huskies with red eyes?

yes, Siberian huskies may have red eyes.

huskies howl

Huskies howl because it is an ancestral instinct they have received from their close related wolves. They use howling & whining as a mode of communication to talk with their owner or within the pack. Huskies have a great pack Instinct also. Huskies start howling from 2-3 weeks of age however an adult Husky’s howl can be heard up to 10 miles away.

Do huskies bark also?

Yes, huskies can bark also. But many of them rarely do. As barking is a territorial act but huskies aren’t territorial. They love to howl than Barking.

Great adaptability

Huskies have the ability that they can adapt themselves to the climate ranging from -75 degrees Fahrenheit to the climate of the tropical area.

Huskies body is built for cold climate, So you(owner) have to look for the signs of dehydration, overexertion & body overheating. The use of air conditioning equipment is a must for petting Huskies in tropical areas. Click here to know stress sign

history thanks tOGO & his master seppala

The story of Siberian husky, sled dog hero of 1925, Nome Serum Run. In the winters of 1925, a deadly outbreak of diphtheria took place in the remote part of Nome, Alaska, threatening the lives of more than 10,000 children of Nome. The only hope was the antitoxin serum, which was located in the Nenana, which was 674 miles away from the Nome. Because of bad weather & snowfall, all air travel was ruled out. The officials of Nome decided to deliver the serum via dog sled teams.

dog as a buddy of man

begin of the great run for serum

On 29 January 1925, Leonhard Seppala(47year old), Alaska’s most venerated musher, with his 20 Siberian huskies, lead by Togo(his 12 years old Siberian husky) to meet bound relay and retrieve the serum. Within freezing temperatures of -30 degrees, Togo leading his team along with Seppala covered 170 miles of distance in just three days.
All the while condition was becoming more worsen back in Nome. So official decided to add more teams to the relay, unbeknownst to Seppala.

After crossing the treacherously frozen Norton Sound lake to save time and distance, Seppala miraculously ran right into the team of Henry Ivanoff, (one of the relay’s late additions) which was carrying the serum towards Nome( from Nenanea). The two teams nearly missed each other on the trail, but dogs helped to make the connection again. Seppala & Togo received 300,000 units of serum.

return trip to nome

On the return trip across the Norton Sound lake, the team became stranded on an ice floe. The alert Seppala tied a rope to Togo, which was his only hope, and tossed the dog across five feet of water. Togo attempted to pull the floe supporting the sled, but the line snapped. Amazingly, the lead dog Togo had the strength to snatch the line from the water, roll it around his shoulders like a harness, and eventually pull his team to safety.

Back on land after covering a near-impossible number of miles, Seppala and Togo with their team eventually made the serum handoff in Golovin, just 78 miles from Nome to Kassen(musher) and his dog Balto’s team. ( sent by officials of Nome to receive serum early).

And on 3 January 1925, Kassen and Balto took the serum to Nome. And saved the town.
This whole Run was only possible due to the determination, unending strength of Togo. Which saved the Nome. This whole Run for serum wasn’t have been possible without Togo who leads the whole Pack & sets the epitome of loyalty & selflessness.

Togo from great serum run of Noam, Alaska 1925.

To know more about amazing & brave Togo, you can watch Disney’s 2019 drama movie named “Togo” having an IMBD rating of 8/10. Watch trailer click here

“Only animals do things, selflessely”

~ A Human

pros of having huskies as a pet

  • The beauty of Huskies catches everyones eyes & hearts. Their glacial-blue eyes & wolf like appearnace makes them look more adorable dogs.
  • Huskies are very affectionate towards stranger, very loving & social which makes them a great family dogs.
  • They are playful and dramatic and are great companion for introvert or alone people.
  • Convenient & economical because they bred to perfom on minimal amount of food. Click to know about food for dogs
  • Clean & Odourless, by nature they are clean & does not stink like other dogs & they clean themselves by licking their coat like cats.
  • Huskies have agreeable temperament in most of the situations.
  • Have great stamina & enjoy running, hiking, camping & biking. They are great travelling companions.

cons of having huskies as a pet

  • heavily shed twice a year and as huskies are built for cold climate so preapre for winters whole year. Their mangement is required. click to know how
  • Huskies are great escape artist and have great digging ability.
  • They are poor guard dogs and they are not territorial. Instead they are very friendly.
  • Huskies are very active dogs. when exercise not given, they become depressed with time.
  • Huskie are pack animal and they try be in alpha position and requires owners who can prove their dominance over them. And sometimes they become stubborn.
  • The howl is husky is loud & may cause problems to your neighbours.

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