Journey of a Vet student (First-year experiences)

Brief intro about this blog

This is my first time writing a blog post. After searching for days, when I was unable to find the topic of the blog, I decided to express my feelings and experiences. I am a veterinary student, who had an interest in online platforms. Right now I am in 3rd year of vet college. Thriving and surviving!

Vet college in the first year

Initially, when I took admission to the vet college, I got over-excited. I was ready to treat animals from day one, but things don’t happen as you desire. I was a little disappointed because there was so much to learn before treating any pet. Still, I was happy because I purchased a white coat, which was giving me the vibes of a future doctor. Now I think, there are still miles to go before I can understand the true meaning of being a veterinarian.

In the first year, I studied 3 major subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, and LPM. Each subject is unique in itself. My experience with these subjects was not pleasing. Anatomy was so hard and difficult to remember that I literally cried before my final exams. In short, My first-year ride was like a roller-coaster above the molten lava without a security belt. Yeah! that’s the perfect analogy.

First Experience in the anatomy lab

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When you first entered the anatomy lab, what was the first thing you saw? For me, it was a skeleton of an ox, horse, donkey, and one unidentified species(still confused). I wasn’t expecting those hollow skeletons there. For a moment, I froze on the lab gate, because I didn’t want to disturb the quality time they were having in the cold lab, by hanging on strong iron rods.

A person like me who used to fear ghosts and unnatural deaths, had a hard time touching the preserved bones, because of a friend who casually explained how the spirits still reside in the bones if they don’t get buried or aren’t burned properly. This fear multiplied exponentially when one of my friends gave an interesting theory, about the deadly viruses, trapped in the spongy parts of the bone. I swear I used to wash my hands every time I touched any specimen or a bone.

As the days passed, I became comfortable around the skeletons. There were two main reasons behind it. First, I had to maintain the reputation in front of my batch mates, who surprisingly were able to handle the bones like a wooden log. They were taking selfies and pictures in poses, I couldn’t even imagine. And the second reason, I had no other options left.

Experiences in the anatomy classes

How cute does the word ANATOMY (uh·na·tuh·mee) sounds!!.. but let me tell you it’s a complete nightmare for a veterinary student. The medical students just have to remember the names of different bones, only once. They can easily recognize each bone once they remembered it. I can bet they will never confuse between a tibia and fibula, But I can’t say the same for the vets!

This becomes a completely different story for a vet student. Interestingly, each animal is having different numbers of bones, along with different sizes and structures. Variations are present in the species itself. This becomes quite complex for students. I am sure that only a few vets can tell the exact differences between the tibia of ox and cattle.

Apart from bones, there were numerous nerves and blood vessels, which when drawn on the board, looked like a deadly spider’s web, entangled and branched unexpectedly. The beautiful maze inside of a living creature. A maze to see, a maze to appreciate, but a maze impossible to remember!

If anyone asks you what is the darest thing you did in your first year? What will be your answer? Mine will be the incident from the night before the final anatomy external exams. Like most other guys, I do a one-night fight with my syllabus. That means I start preparing for the exam vigorously, one night before exams.

My simple plan was to pull an all-nighter alone in a separate room. The plan failed miserably when I got knocked off on my bed around 1 am. In the morning, when my roommate woke me up 30 minutes before the exam, I was trembling with fear. I hadn’t studied much and had no other choice instead of giving my final exams without revision. honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I will pass.

I don’t know about the answers I wrote on the exam sheet that day. All I was hoping for was to miraculously pass the exam and luckily, I passed! I got decent marks which I don’t quite remember in digits, but I remember the experience clearly.

As I said earlier, my first-year ride was like a roller-coaster ride, and luckily I survived the journey.

What about you? Do you have similar incidents to share? If yes share them in the comments.

Thankyou for reading:

This blog contains real personal experiences and thoughts. As this is my first time writing/typing a blog, so I will need your support. You can help me by leaving a valuable comment below. This is the only thing that can truly motivate me to write further blogs. Thank you for your time❤️. Don’t forget to comment 😊.

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