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Finding veterinary notes online is a tough job, but now you don’t have to worry about it! we have compiled vet notes for vet students. You can download vet pdf and books in a few clicks.

veterinary notes for students.

All notes are already arranged in categories for you so that you can easily access them on our site.

Tanuvas notes

Tanuvas notes are by far the most efficient and reliable notes for veterinary students. These notes are very precise and concise that even ICAR recommends them. Here you can download Tanuvas pdf for free.

As we have redirected the website, so please don’t get confused. The is the main website.

Is TANUVAS pdf difficult?

Everyone studies for marks and knowledge but only some of the students top in their class. Ever wonder why??…. Because the study only precise content efficiently.

The contents of the Tanuvas notes are made by field experts. They put the information and knowledge adequately so that students can focus on the important stuff. That is why these notes are on official ICAR website portals.

How did we get these notes?

Finding these notes was not an easy task for us. We know the problems faced by students while searching for online content. that’s why we made it easy for you. We searched various telegram groups and websites.

We made sure that these pdf don’t contain any extra annotations and watermarks.

You can find your notes anytime on this website. If you want to donate your notes you can send messages directly on Instagram or by e-mail. we will review and display them here. Share this site among your colleagues, this will motivate us to do more work for you.

Study Hard and BEST OF LUCK.

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Tanuvas notes for first year.

The first year of vet college is indeed difficult. We get exposed to novel information. Anyway, Every bit of information is difficult to learn, but you should try your best to sail through it.

In Anatomy names of the muscles, arteries, nerves, and bones are enough to induce terror in the heart.

In physiology, physiological values are difficult to remember. Additionally that, there are also so many metabolic pathways that often create confusion.

LPM seems to be a nice and easy subject. Despite all these, you should remember these are the building blocks of the next 5 1/2 years. One should study these subjects in a way so that it retained in long time memory. So studying tanuvas notes can be the best choice for you.

Tanuvas notes for 2nd year.

The second-year is exciting in vet college, after all now you are no longer a junior. you have a clear idea about veterinary and animal species. your interest develops in your profession.

it’s easy to understand that pathology is the main subject to study. microbiology and genetics are infesting subjects.. biochemistry and animal nutrition are a little bit easy. you can read from other sources too but here also Tanuvas helps in exams.

Animal NutritionClick here
Veterinary PathologyClick here
Veterinary BiochemistryClick here
Veterinary MicrobiologyClick here

Tanuvas notes for 3rd year

Vet pharmacology and toxicologyClick here
Vet public health and epidemiologyClick here
Vet parasitology and helminthologyClick here
Livestock production technologyClick here

Tanuvas notes for 4th year