Diabetes in dogs- Symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention

Diabetes In Dogs

Diabetes mellitus is one of the endocrine diseases that affect the pancreas. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, which helps bring the blood sugar or glucose into the body’s cells for nutrition. Diabetes occurs when there are insufficient levels of insulin in the blood, if the body becomes resistant to insulin, or if too much glucose is left in the bloodstream.

A professional guide for Apple Head Chihuahua (2021)

chihuahua breed guide

Among the Chihuahua variety, apple-headed Chihuahuas deserve a special place. What is the reason for this? In terms of beauty, an apple head Chihuahua is a breed’s pinnacle. Therefore, it conforms to breed standards and reflects what one should expect to see when thinking of a Chihuahua. It is, therefore, the breed poster child for the Chihuahua.


Finding the right canine companion can be quite a challenge. Just like humans, each dog breed has its own traits and unique characteristics. But with hundreds of dog breeds to choose from, which one will accurately suit your lifestyle and needs. Besides, owning a dog is a responsibility to be taken seriously, so taking time out to analyze which dog breed suits you the best.

Weird and Bizarre dog behaviors–explained.!

Have you ever noticed your dog eating grass, sniffing each other’s butt, tilting their head in response to strange noises or chasing his own tail? I bet all of us have had such a moment when our dogs made us scrunch up our noses, shake our heads and say, “Why does my dog do that?!”