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Tanuvas notes for 3rd year

course code311321411421
Vet pharmacology and toxicologyVPT-311 General and Systemic Veterinary PharmacologyVPT-321 Veterinary NeuropharmacologyVPT-411 Veterinary ChemotherapyVPT-421 Veterinary Toxicology
Vet public health and epidemiologyVPE-311 Milk and Meat Hygiene, Food Safety and Public HealthVPE-321 Veterinary Epidemiology And ZoonosesVPE–511 Environment and Environmental Hygiene
Vet parasitology and helminthologyVPA-211 General Veterinary Parasitology And HelminthologyVPA-221 Veterinary Entomology And AcarologyVPA-222 Veterinary Protozoology
Livestock production technologyLPT -311 Milk and Milk Products TechnologyLPT -321 Meat ScienceLPT-312 Abattoir Practices And Animal Products 5Technology
DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY & A.H. EXTENSIONVAE-311 Principles And Techniques of Veterinary And Animal Husbandry ExtensionVAE-321 Livestock Economics, Marketing And Business
VAE-511 Livestock Entrepreneurship

Syllabus for veterinary 3rd year

Download the 3rd-year syllabus Pdf file to know the syllabus. Both old and newer versions have been uploaded for your convenience. bookmark the website to access more resources in the future.

Vet pharmacology and toxicologyClick here new version
Vet public health and epidemiologyClick herenew version
Vet parasitology and helminthologyClick herenew version
Livestock production technologyClick herenew version

A guide to study 3rd year notes:

Veterinary 3rd year is one of the toughest year when compared to the previous years. The number of courses to study is higher than 1st and 2nd year. Courses themselves are vast and slightly difficult to grasp.

Subjects like parasitology and pharmacology are important from the perspective of both academics and clinics. All subjects are hard as you will study the notes. The key to survival here is consistent study throughout the year.

In the 3rd year, notes are so vast that you can face some difficulty finding them, that’s why you should consider studying from books or arranged notes like TANUVAS PDFs.


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