Veterinary notes for Second year.

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Tanuvas notes for second year

Animal NutritionANN-111 Principles of Animal Nutrition and Feed TechnologyANN-121 Applied Nutrition- 1 (Ruminants)ANN 211 Applied Nutrition-II
Veterinary PathologyVPP 211 General Veterinary PathologyVPP 221 Systemic Veterinary PathologyVPP 311 Special Veterinary PathologyVPP 321 Avian Pathology
Veterinary BiochemistryVPB 112 General Veterinary BiochemistryVPB 122 Veterinary Intermediary Metabolism
Veterinary MicrobiologyVMC 211 General Veterinary MicrobiologyVMC 221 Veterinary Immunology And SerologyVMC 311 Systematic Veterinary Bacteriology And MycologyVMC 321 Systematic Veterinary Virology
ANIMAL GENETICS & ANIMAL BREEDINGAGB 111 Bio-Statistics and Computer ApplicationAGB 121 Principles Of Animal Genetics And Population GeneticsAGB 211 Livestock and Poultry Breeding
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brief intro of subjects

2nd year of veterinary college has 5 courses. all courses are important for basic understanding of this feils . i would say pathology is the main subject here because in this we are dealing with diseases

Syllabus for second year

Animal Nutritionclick here
Veterinary Pathologyclick here
Veterinary Biochemistryclick here
Veterinary Microbiologyclick here

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