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dog with longest lifespan

Top 12 Dog breeds with the longest lifespan

“Too big are their hearts, too short are their lives.” Aside from the shoe chewing and the tumbleweeds of fur on your precious carpet, the toughest thing about owning a dog is having to say goodbye. Afterall, which dog owner don’t wanna give everything just to keep their dog forever. Due to this, many owners gravitate towards breeds that are known to have longer lifespans than most other breeds.

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Know about dog’s emotions. (What do researches Say?)

You might have heard about the Japanese dog Hachiko who used to come to the station every day at the exact time when it’s owner gets back from his work. One day the owner went to his work and never came back and Hachiko every day went to the station at the same time and waited for the owner until he died.

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